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Conference Rooms

Conference Rooms


At Business Plus, we know a coworking space is so much more than a desk and a chair, which is why we offer a range of amenities to make sure you’re always operating at 100 percent! Sit tight, focus on getting your work done and let us take care of the rest.

Our Plan

There’s a plan for all kinds of coworking needs at Business Plus. Choose one that works for you!

Heading a large team working on the next big thing or a one-person army working freelance for multiple clients every day, Business Plus has subscription plans for all kinds of teams! Find one that suits your business needs today and get a 10% early bird discount!
(Offer for limited time only)

rupee35000 – 122500/p.m.

(security deposit not included) Ideal for larger teams (“Book Now for a 10% early bird discount!”)

  • Ideal for larger teams
  • Private cabin space
  • Maximum Conference/Meeting room availability
  • Storage space included


(security deposit not included) Ideal for smaller teams (2-3 people) (“Book Now for a 10% early bird discount!”)

  • Ideal for smaller teams (2-3 people)
  • Dedicated spots in a shared coworking space
  • Higher Conference/Meeting room availability
  • Storage space included


(security deposit not included) Ideal for freelancers/single-persons (“Book Now for a 10% early bird discount!”)

  • Ideal for freelancers/single-persons
  • Flexible spot allotment in a shared coworking space
  • Lower Conference/Meeting room availability
  • Storage space not included

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Coworking Spaces For All Corporates, SME’s and Startups

As we adjust to the new normal, Business Plus ensures to make the adjustment a bit easier on you by providing an exceptional workplace experience. We have designed a safer co-working space in Faridabad with every minor detail that will not let anything come between you and your productivity.

Our shared office space in Faridabad is beautifully crafted and brilliantly equipped with all the amenities that can help you grow and connect with others around you...

At Business Plus, you become part of a professional culture where you can build networks and expand your business. With a co-working space like Business Plus, you can lay the foundation for new ventures, connect with professionals, and become what you always wanted to be.

From start-ups to big businesses and from freelancers to larger teams, we got space sorted for everyone. The shared office space in Faridabad can be your best spot for business conferences, startup talk, entrepreneurial sessions, and even musical nights.

Why Business Plus?

No matter if you are self-employed or working with a big team, Business Plus will provide you a place where you can work with ease. Our co-working space in Faridabad is specifically curated for freelancers, entrepreneurs, and small businesses who want a working environment that help them bring out their best potential. If you are still giving Business Plus a thought, here are some pointers that will help you make a wise decision.

Work on your own terms

Communal space like Business Plus gives you the freedom to manage your work the way you want. By going for our awesome co-working office space in Faridabad, you can plan your schedule as per your convenience and choose between a private space or collaborative environment by sharing tables with other professionals.

Connect with other professionals

A co-working space provides you with more opportunities to widen your professional network and boost your chances to do something big in your niche. At Business Plus, you can interact with other professionals and fuel your knowledge with various business perspectives. Working in a co-working space can make you more of a goal-oriented person.

Inspiring office design

Our vibrantly designed office space provides an inspiring work environment that can help you boost your productivity. While you work in a co-working environment, you can get to learn about new opportunities and use them for your best interest.

Any size team

We don’t believe in the concept of “one size fits all.” Whether you are working with a big team or a one-person army working for multiple clients, we got a professional space designed for your every need. The fully-furnished workspace packed with all the essential amenities lets you work with grace and style. Break the monotony of your working regime by stepping into our shared office space in Faridabad and experience the best days of your professional life.

24/7 access

Some of us are most productive in the morning while others prefer to work late at night. At Business Plus, we provide co-working solutions for all kinds of workaholics. Our co-working space offers 24/7 access to all our members, so anyone can drop anytime they feel comfortable working.

Fast Internet

We ensure that nothing comes between you and your work. We facilitate 24*7 high-speed internet so that downloading or uploading hefty files doesn’t seem like a big task.


You definitely want a charge up after long hours of working. At our office space in Faridabad, you always have the option to head down and grab a meal. A cup of coffee and light smack will be enough to charge you up for another few hours of productive working.

Meeting/Conference rooms

There will be times when your teams will be needing an environment where they can put their heads together and work collectively on a strategy. At Business Plus, we offer dedicated rooms where you can organize meetings, presentations, and brainstorming sessions to skyrocket your business success.

Gaming Zone

All work and no play is not a concept today’s businesses follow. Getting a little time off from work can help you relax and boost your productivity. At our shared coworking space in Faridabad, you can recharge yourselves in the fully equipped gaming area.

Brilliant Services

We don’t let you stress about technical issues as our experts will always be there to help you out. Another thing that adds extra icing to the cake is our printer & projector services that don’t let you roam around the streets looking for a cyber cafe.


The workplace is located near multiple metro stations that make it super easy for you to reach the place without getting lost and tired. The parking area is big enough to not make you struggle to find a space for your vehicle.

A smarter Approach To Office Space

Dive into the advantages of the co-working office space in Faridabad and get the experience to work in an innovative environment. Other than providing freelancers a sense of community, the shared working space will also provide small business owners a chance to adopt a new approach on how to run their business effectively. If you are also Search "coworking Space Near me" for your business, feel free to contact us or pay a visit.

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